The word “between” has been crucial for us as the Institute for Game Analysis since 2010. We see ourselves as a communication unit, an interface, between the different systems of sports. We know what it is like to be on the pitch. We know the feeling of defeats and crises, but we have also lifted trophies. We know that it is between players, spaces, and timings that games are decided. We know how people talk in the locker room when the door is closed. And how it smells there.

But we also know the lecture halls of this republic. We have spoken at conferences and published. We are part of the theoretical discourse surrounding sports. We know the unbridgeable chasms between the theory and practice of sports. We know how editorial offices report on sports. What their interests and constraints are.

We know the odds on the games and have won a 5er ourselves from time to time. Our playing fields are junior professional sports and professional sports. Our main tools for both fields are concepts and analysis. We only work with a few organizations and people in sports. But with these, we work long-term.

Our current core sports are basketball, soccer, handball, and volleyball. As usual in team sports, our squad has changed a bit. At times luxuriously staffed, at other times stretched thin. The core team has found itself. Star stakeholders and digital craftsmen work with us depending on the issue at hand. Our goal: We are evolving into the enduring nexus between sports practice, sports science, sports media, and sports betting, helping to put the elements together into one unit: The importance of sport to our society.